Company Profile:
Edgbaston Golf Club – a members club with around 1,000 members.

Problem Solving Profile:

As with many Membership Organisations this club needs to produce an annual Membership Directory. It has all it’s information held on a data base from which, with some difficulty, the confidential information can be extracted.

AsThe Membership Directory comprises “variable” information relating to the continually changing membership details and “Static” information about club officers, committees etc that changes infrequently.Other information can include rules, advertisements also dates of matches and even annual diaries.

As The print run of this small pocket sized document is only about 1,000 off.

Solution to Problem:

Jasprint’s database expert handles the extraction of the confidential information from the organisation’s database.
The static pages about committee names and match date lists are provided in MSWord files by the club secretariat, Jasprint’s design team create the special page style “templates” with selected fonts and layout to the Club’s satisfaction.

The name lists are fed onto the page templates, added to the static pages and the whole graphically laid out. Proofs are provided first as emailed screen-viewable PDF files then, after double checking by club staff, as a single printed proof.This incorporates a cover showing the club logos in club colours.

Printing is digital with black contents pages and a colour cover that is gloss laminated for the durability needed in a pocket reference document.The print production run is for about 1,000.

Benefits are:

Complete confidentiality of personal data is securely retained

Complex extraction of data is handled by experts

The membership organisation controls both design and proofing of members details.

The exact number of booklets is produced so wastage and cost is minimised

Subsequent annual printings can be made very economical and fast by retaining “static” information for minimal changes by club staff

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