Company Profile:
The Church of England has over 40 separate Dioceses throughout England..

Problem Solving Profile:
Each diocese produces a Directory of its members – this is a complex operation with particular difficulties:

Most Diocesan offices do not have either enough staff or the specialist skills necessary

Database handling requires the extraction of specified data

Dioceses often have different types of database all set-up differently

Special document design skills are needed

Labour intensive handling of advertising in each Directory is called for

Production print runs vary from a few hundred to several thousand

Directories are substantial documents with between 200 and 400 printed


Solution to Problem:

A visit to the diocesan offices to review the problems, a report is produced together with target budget costs.

Database specialist sets up purpose-built new databases if required

Jasprint specialists extract the specific data from the database(s)

We design “user friendly“ style templates into which the variable database information is fed

We contact advertisers, sell them space, create the artwork then get proof agreement

Automatic indexing is done

Final artwork is created by combining

Variable data pages with static information pages plus adverts – all this is proofed as PDF files then finally as a hard copy.

Print Production is done


Benefits are:

Jasprint acts as prime contractor and handles all aspects of the job

We have complete range of technical skills needed

Improved Directory page layout increases “user readability”

Responsibility lifted from shoulders of Diocesan office staff

Reduced production costs

Future directory issues can be cheaper/easier to produce.


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