Document Design and Creation

Some of our customers with in-house expertise present us with ready to use artwork files; others invite us to discuss the best ways to achieve their particular project objectives. Given a choice we prefer the latter since it gives us a chance to influence the artwork and guide it down channels that ensure optimum quality with minimum costs – many young designers lack this depth of understanding. If we understand what the ultimate product will be we recommend which software is best used and how the file structures should be set up. Learn more...

Design work can be done on MAC’s or PC’s using a variety of application software packages like Quark, InDesign, Corel Ventura to name a few. Each package has strengths and weaknesses – we know all these since we use them ourselves and we advise according to customer's specific needs.

Our Design studio team have decades of experience –they achieve more in an hour than you can imagine.

We also work with customers by accepting the component parts of a document --- text files, pictures, diagrams and then use the skills of our professional staff to create an attractive and effective document ready for proofing approval.

We also advise and assist with Digital Photography, the creation of 1, 2 and 3 Dimensional illustrations also completely computer-generated pictures that can be more effective and possibly cheaper than stock library images.

We consider it vital to advise on the use of Type Fonts, page and template layouts with the use of colour to create really unique designs for customers.

Proofing is always important and we begin by ensuring that customers can use the Adobe Acrobat PDF system that shortens the Ping-Pong process of sending and receiving artwork draft files.
We still recommend that, at the final approval stage, hard-copy colour-accurate proofs are used where appropriate.

The resulting artwork can be used for Hard Copy printing, usage on the WWW internet and company Intranets, for distribution on magnetic media or as HTML files for email use.