Training and Technical Manuals

These are mainly directed towards the training, technical or general information arenas.
Presentation is all-important and the combination of text pictures photos and diagrams is often needed. They need both good creative design and technical authoring to make them reader-friendly in terms of word usage, the incorporation of illustrations , photographic images and scanned images into complex page layouts.

These may well require language translation and subsequent proof reading.

We produce Technical Product Manuals for manufacturing companies for each specific product -- often produced monthly or weekly in small volumes in concert with the factory schedule. Similarly Training Manuals are produced in small quantities specific to each training course and can be delivered direct to course venues.

These short runs are produced "On Demand" and we can "print stream" these all together to provide low-cost documents at optimal quality. .

We produce manuals for many markets acting as Print Project Managers ultimately providing a UK and World distribution service.

All manuals can be available either in printed format in Ring Binders and/or on CD for computer presentation as well as display on Web-Pages.

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Training and Technical Manuals


Information Manuals are created to cover all levels of complexity ranging from a "How to Switch the Machine on" pocket Handbook through "How to Run the machine" manual to a major technical "How to take it to Bits and Re-assemble" series of Ring Binders.