Illustrations, Scanning and Photographic Images

Illustrations & 3D Technical Images

Complex matters are often best described by the addition of graphic images like 2D and 3D line drawings. We create these using a mixture of digital photography and powerful computer image generation software.

Image and OCR Scanning

We use flat bed and rotary scanners to digitally record text and graphic images at various levels of resolution.

Lost Document Re-creation. We can auto scan hard-copy documents for which the digital files have been lost using OCR software. This works to a high percentage level of accuracy but inevitably requires re-proofing and re-setting of text and images this is time consuming but meets the needs in desperate occasions.

Photographic Images

The impact of digital photography is immense and enables us to include these low cost images into all types of documents ranging from sales brochures to workshop manuals.

Conventional vs Digital photography
While conventional photography may just hold sway for top-end quality applications the ability to easily modify/improve digital shots make digital our most favoured route.

Library Pictures vsĀ  Computer Generation
Sometimes when the need for a truly unique picture suggests that a selection from a Picture Library is the better option, the cost can be prohibitive. We can offer you the choice of our generating an image entirely by computer.