Ring Binder Assemblies

This is a favourite method of presenting both technical and training manuals by enclosing the information on loose, interchangeable sheets – probably A4 or A5 size.

Construction materials can be traditional coloured vinyl over board or by using the modern range of poly-carbons and plastics. We can print direct images onto the outer covers of the binder or more flexibly achieve the same result by inserting colour sheets into exterior clear plastic pockets. We also work with modern materials such as polycarbonate for extra effect.

Sales and Marketing Brochures Each binder is purpose built for your needs and can additionally involve:

Sales and Marketing Brochures Special inside cover pockets for papers or CD’s

Sales and Marketing Brochures A choice of ring capacity and quantity/shape of rings

Sales and Marketing Brochures Standard or Bespoke Separator and tabbed Divider sets

Comparatively high initial set-up costs for binders and dividers can mean high minimum quantity production runs so careful advice is needed.

Assembly Labour       
Having made your Ring Binder with Divider Sets we then print the contents pages, insert the dividers in position and assemble everything into the ring binder to deliver to you a “ready-to-use” product.
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Ring Binder Assemblies