Sales and Marketing

Sales leaflets and brochures have to combine top-class layout with high quality colour imagery so need good creative design to give visual impact in terms of colour usage and the incorporation of illustrations , photographic images and scanned images into complex page layouts.

These may well require language translation and subsequent proof reading.

We will create all sales and marketing literature artwork so that it is suitable for both printing and Web Site page display.

Sales Folders are integral to the distribution of this promotional material and need careful thought to make them effective and practical.

All documents must be produced in a cost effective method for the quantity required. They may be printed litho in thousands or digitally produced in tens or hundreds. See Digital vs Litho printing page for the relative benefits. With the Digital printing option we can “print stream” documents together to achieve high quality at minimum cost.

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Product Catalogues

These may be produced regularly and can have complex artwork with colour images and employ a mix of text, price tables, product pictures and diagrams.
Jasprint creates these by extracting descriptive text and pictures from various organisation databases and the pricing information from the accounting system. Using special software we create style page templates into which the extracted data is placed.
One done subsequent updates caused by product and price changes can be easily achieved.

The same images can be placed in Web-Pages and even considerably developed to achieve E-Commerce trading.

see Database Derived Documents

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