Document Technical Authoring

Document Technical Authoring

We can provide the words to explain the operation of computer software, of complex machines or of most types of products and services where the client has either no resource or skill to do so.
The words are simple English and are set to your agreed level of “reader friendliness”.

Proof Reading

Spell checking is only a part answer so it always pays to have a second and third set of eyes to check out your documents. If the subject is obscure or technical we can give the layman’s view as to whether the man-on-the-street will understand your message.

Language Translation

We have just produced a series of technical “top pocket handbooks” for a major international manufacturer of production machinery in 13 different languages.

Based on English the count included all the leading European ones plus the more unusual eastern ones like Polish, Cezch, Turkish and Russian.

We use mother language translators and cross-check for colloquialisms by sending proofs to operatives in the countries involved.