Digital V Litho

Litho (lithographic) printing developed during the 20th century to a fine art – digital (laser) printing only came into being in the 1980’s.

Rapid technical advances have benefited both techniques but digital more so – the attached diagram indicates the relative positions as at today.

The main factors are:

Digital V Litho Quality of Image

Digital V Litho The materials on which printing will be needed

Digital V Litho The print run length

Digital V Litho  Special factors like “personalisation”

At Jasprint we are unusually placed with a complete understanding of both techniques plus the ability to provide our clients with cost solutions for producing their jobs using either method. We explain the pro’s and con’s leaving you to choose. We can even define the break point at which a digital job might be better done litho, and vice versa!

Please contact us for a complete answer to your specific project.

Litho vs Digital Diagram