Sales Folders

Sales Folders are integral to the distribution of promotional material and need careful thought to make them effective and practical in terms of being durable. It pays to produce an organisational folder showing promotional company information that is not subject to change. 
Sales and Service documents that do continually change can be produced on loose sheets to be held in the folder’s integral pocket.

Folders still have to combine top-class layout with high quality colour imagery so need good creative design to give visual impact in terms of colour usage and the incorporation of illustrations , photographic images and scanned images.

These may well require language translation and subsequent proof reading.

Folders need to be produced in a cost effective method for the quantity required. They may be printed litho in thousands or digitally produced in tens or hundreds. See Digital vs Litho printing page for the relative benefits. With the Digital printing option we can “print stream” documents together to achieve high quality at minimum cost.

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Sales Folders